Saturday June 13th 2015

This year’s instalment of the Battle of the Braes race will see 2 races on the day, Male Senior and Junior Cat 3/4 and Women of all categories, Starting at 9am this will surely be a tough test on what seems to be a short course, the route only being 38 miles is designed to have an even start on rolling terrain but with a single accent of the Mini Braes Climb from the Thornhill side and the a full on attacking accent of the Braes of Greenock climb to the finish line will bring out the tough Rouleur’s and the climbers to sort out who's best.

New for Stirling Bike Club this year is a step up to a National B level race this was added to the calendar to bolster the East of Scotland and Scottish Cycling calendar of events for our top Scottish Amateurs. Using the same course but increasing the miles and accents of the Braes to 72 miles this will take in 3 full laps of the smaller circuit finishing on the 4th accent of the Braes of Greenock climb. This is going to be a tough day possibly with breaks trying to establish early in the race, with 4000 feet of total climbing for the day it’s likely to be a race for the opportunist or the pure climber.

Along with the Crit under the Castle on Sunday the 14th this will be a huge weekend of events for Stirling Bike Club, I t would be fantastic to get as many club member to line the course of the smaller circuit and cheers these races on that is though if you have more time then come and help us out we badly need more folks help us run these events.


For the Braes race I need as many Marshalls as possible, I even give you a packed lunch to keep you going, Crit under the Castle will be similar and need more Marshals too in the region of 90!

Both races need the following helpers

Sign on staff

Catering to help and to make any kindly donated cakes sandwiches etc.

Second persons in the Lead cars and wheel changers for the neutral service cars (just for the Braes road race)

First aid qualified helpers

A good photographer

And someone to help with Tweeting / social media

PM myself Norrie and David Lindsey if you can help, this is going to be a huge weekend for SBC.  

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