Sharon Argue Memorial Trophy Women’s Team Race – 23rdMay


The Sharon Argue Race is organised by Grant Thomson, a former member of Stirling BC, in memory of his late partner.

It is a two-stage race with the emphasis on team riding. Riders can either enter as club teams, or can form composites.

Stirling BC, last year’s trophy winners, were one of a handful of clubs able to field a full team in their own right, sending Christine Fischer, Katherine Wren, Gill Brett, Carole Dick and Helen Paxton Steele.

With 54 entrants, the field exceeded the record for the largest field of women in a Scottish race, previously held by the Crit on the Campus. For those of us who started racing back in the 90s, that was quite a sight!

For once, the day dawned bright, sunny and warm as we lined up for the morning time trial, over 5 miles near Slamannan. It was a sporting course over rolling terrain that rewarded strong time triallists. Top of the Stirling girls was Christine Fischer in a time of  00:15:06 for a very respectable 19thplace.

As one of the later starters in the time trial, I had very little time to join my teammates on the lawn for a sunny lunch before we were off again in the 30 mile road race.

The race was run over 4 laps of a 7 mile course with two big hills on it. It also had a sketchy road surface, so you needed to be a brave woman to hang in in the bunch. Christine Fischer was again our top rider, finishing in 17thplace. With an overall placing of 16th, she was very cruelly just one place away from gaining a licence point! 

The rest of us managed to get in a group and work together, joined in lap two by Julia Kenneth of Moray Firth CC. Gill Brett was a great motivator, keeping us going over those hills as they took their toll. On the last climb, the gloves were off as we tussled for the (very) minor placings. I was convinced Gill and Julia were sitting in, so I had a dig and got away from them, but I didn’t dare look back!

Performance of the day for SBC definitely came from Christine, up there with the big hitters in16thplace.

The overall individual winner and time trial winner was time trial ace Lynsey Curran, leading her composite team, the Tootie Frooties, to team victory. Julie Erskine of IKON-Mazda won the Road Race.

Pictures from Ian Henderson here



1.         Lynsey Curran ( Tootie Frooties Time Trial 1st  00:13:25 Road Race 11th  01:21:00 Overall 1st01:34:25        

2.         Anne   Ewing (East Coast Composite) Time Trial 2nd00:13:37 Road Race 2nd  01:20:53 Overall 2nd01:34:30

3.         Emily   Middleditch (Deeside Thistle CC) Time Trial 4th  00:13:40 Road Race 3rd  01:20:54 Overall 3rd  01:34:34

16.       Christine Fischer (Stirling Bike Club) Time Trial 19th 00:15:06 Road Race 17th  01:24:47 Overall 16th01:39:53   

34.       Katherine Wren (Stirling Bike Club) Time Trial 30th00:15:28 Road Race 34th01:34:59 Overall 34th  01:50:27   

35.       Gill Brett (Stirling Bike Club) Time Trial 37th  00:16:12 Road Race 35th 01:35:04 Overall 35th01:51:16  

36.       Carole Dick (Stirling Bike Club) Time Trial 40th  00:16:13 Road Race 37th 01:35:38 Overall 37th01:51:51 

38.       Helen Paxton-Steele (Stirling Bike Club) Time Trial 41st  00:16:22 Road Race 40th  01:41:34 Overall 38th 01:57:56


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