What we do -

We are a cycling club that organises various bike rides that cover CX, Gravel, MTB, Road and Track - and everything that falls within those categories. The club is split into 2 section - Senior and Junior. There are regular rides organised, a club confined race series and away days planned throughout the year.

The Junior section is called the Wallace Warriors and offers coaching for junior riders - starting from 8 years old.

History - 

Stirling Bike Club was formed in November 2000 as a result of the combination of two long established local cycling clubs, Stirling Mountain Bike Club and VC Olympia, by a group of folk who simply enjoyed cycling. The original number of members was around 30 and this has developed over the years to more than 300 members. Stirling Bike Club is now one of the largest cycling clubs in Scotland and has gained a reputation for being one of the friendliest and most active bike clubs in the country. This is largely down to the active involvement of the membership who take part in the various cycling activities ranging from top-end competition to social bike outings all with the emphasis on having fun and enjoyment.

Stirling Bike Club caters for all types of cycling including Mountain biking, Track racing and Road cycling and much more.

The Club is particularly proud of its junior section - the Wallace Warriors - who currently number around 70 with an equally substantial number on the waiting list and all of this is only possible through the dedicated work of the Club's coaches. Recent years has seen the Club update its Development Plan and this has resulted in clear pathways for the younger members of the Club to progress into the senior section. Some of the junior section have represented Scotland and Great Britain at competition level with stunning success including 2 World Champions, Olympic medal winners and a Commonwealth Games champion.

Inclusivity is an important feature of the Club and recent times have seen an increase in the number of females joining the Club. The Club's current membership of over 300 consists of 73% of seniors and 27% juniors. This breaks down further into approximately 70% of males and 30% of females.

The Club runs a wide range of training sessions and these are geared towards what the members want to achieve out of these sessions. The sessions tend to be season-dependent with the competition-oriented members concentrating on fitness sessions throughout the year. For those who enjoy recreational riding there is a wide range of rides for all levels of ability and fitness throughout the year. Above all, enjoyment is the key and the Club places a high importance on this.

Stirling Bike Club also organises 'open' events throughout the racing season and of recent years these have been very successful and well received by all who take part - we recently organised a National Championship for Scottish Cycling. The Club holds a Club-Confined Time Trial and encourages all members to take part including 'first-timers' who wish to have a taste of this type of competition. The Club is delighted with the success of all of these events and this is down to the hard work put into the Club by its Committees and Members.